How to cook Chocotorta and get the ingredients in Australia

Chocotorta is a classic Argentine dessert that is super easy to prepare and offers a delicious flavor with its exquisite combination of chocolate cookies -Chocolinas- and dulce de leche.

If you are living in Australia or any other country outside of Argentina and want to enjoy this Argentine delight, here is a step-by-step recipe on how to prepare a perfect Chocotorta.


  • 1 package of Chocolinas biscuits
  • 500g of dulce de leche
  • 300g of cream cheese
  • 100cc of chocolate milk or coffee (optional) chocolate coating


  1. In a bowl, mix the cream cheese with the dulce de leche
  2. Moisten the Chocolinas with chocolate milk or coffee
  3. In a rectangular dish, alternate the previously moistened cookies with the dulce de leche
  4. Repeat the layers until all the cookies are used
  5. (Optional) Finish with a chocolate coating

That’s it! Surprise your friends and family with this delicious dessert from Argentina and bring a piece of your home country to the table.

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23rd Apr 2024

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