Discover the latest Argentine alfajores in the market

Alfajores, also known as ‘mini cakes’ in English, are a very popular type of sweet in Argentina and in several countries in Latin America. They consist of two soft cookies or biscuits that are joined by a sweet filling, such as dulce de leche, chocolate mousse, peanut butter, and jam, and are often covered in chocolate, powdered sugar, or grated coconut.

Alfajores are very important in the country's gastronomic culture and are part of the daily life of Argentinians, as they are consumed in a wide variety of situations (birthday partys, events, social gatherings, teatime & breakfast, among others). This is why they can be easily found in all kiosks and supermarkets around the country.

The variety of alfajores in the market is huge. Each brand has its own recipe and style, which allows for a wide diversity of flavors and textures. Among the best known brands are Jorgito, Guaymallén, Capitán del Espacio, Tofi, Vauquita, Fantoche, and Bon o Bon. Moving on to more premium brands, Havanna, Cachafaz, and Guolis are three that stand out.

Here are the newest alfajores in the market

Recently, there have been several launches that caught the attention of sweet enthusiasts.

Tubby Alfajor

This is a chocolate and dulce de leche alfajor that keeps the name of the original chocolate - the famous wafer that was a hit back in the '80s. In honor of this chocolate’s 40th anniversary, Tubby has returned to the market, although as a mini cake instead of a chocolate bar.

Fantoche XS Rosé Alfajor

This product is just the beginning of a new agreement between Fantoche and MTV. It is a tiny alfajor filled with dulce de leche and covered in raspberry and lemon meringue.

Cofler Mousse Alfajor

Although Cofler already had an alfajor of its own -the famous Cofler Block- this new product comes with even more filling.

Havanna Mar del Plata Alfajor

Havanna’s new alfajor pays homage to the city of Mar del Plata, where the brand was born, which is celebrating its 150 years in 2024. The alfajor consists of dark chocolate, Havanna dulce de leche, a creamier dulce de leche heart in the middle, and biscuits that have sea salt crystals.

Argentine alfajores are internationally recognized and are shipped to many countries around the world. If you live outside Argentina and miss having some alfajores, or even if you live in Argentina but want to surprise your friends & family members who live far away from home, you can place an order at This ecommerce specializes on worldwide shipping of Argentine & Uruguayan products.

26th Feb 2024

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